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Hell of the Ashdown 2020

Posted: Feb 09, 2020/ Catagory: Club Events / Author: Vakis Paraskeva
Hell of the Ashdown 2020

The Hell of the Ashdown 16 Feb 2020

Hi fellow RDCC members and welcome to our first blog entry on our band new website. I hope we will keep an active blog on the site and as we have an event coming up soon I thought it a good opportunity to test the blogging feature out.


This year's riders are as follows:

  • Asa
  • Jonathan
  • Tony (the King)
  • Tony (the other one)
  • Kim
  • Mark
  • Asa (yes Asa appears to have two riders packs)
  • Me

Riders packs

I have been posted your riders packs and will bring them along with me on the day unless you want to pick them up from me.

We should allow a bit of time to attach our numbers to the bikes so I will aim to get the 30 minutes from the our allotted start time.

Start time

Our allotted start time is 08:52


Last year we had fantastic weather as far as I can remember but the current long range forecast isn't great. Let’s keep an eye on it but hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Further info

Usual RDCC rules apply as those of the event organisers, remember no helmet no ride. For more information please visit http://www.hellgb.co.uk/

Coming soon

I will also be blogging in readiness for our up and coming Mallorca trip and a follow up to Hell GB. When the event is over please send me your best photo's, any funny stories you have to tell or how it went for you and what you thought of the event...I will use your input for the next post about this event.

Please feel free to post your own blogs, just send me word doc and I will convert and post it for you. I will also be adding a user management feature and forum so you can all participate directly on the site.

In the meantime, look forward to seeing you all next week at the Hell of the Ashdown.

...and finally

I know it was a bit bland but mostly just making sure the blogging works, I'm sure you all can't wait to get writing for our new site.

Thanks for reading,